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Flight simulator - Crewed flight

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Exciting session for two at the controls of an immersive flight simulator

This beginner and intermediate level session is particularly suitable for those who have already flown solo once and wish to return with two people. The instructor sits slightly back in the middle and the flight usually consists of a short navigation between two airports. If you know how to fly straight, you are ready for the adventure with a crew! The content of the session is adapted to your expectations, from the rehearsal of the discovery flight to the navigation flight with engine start, push back, taxiing, even some fun like traffic avoidance (tcas) or touch and go on nice airports. Note that our flight simulator is ultra-realistic and is placed in front of the famous Flylounge meeting room, which itself is a real A319 passenger cabin. If you are a large group, it is also possible to rent the flight simulator with the passenger cabin (see the "events" offers). Given the originality and quality of the venue, we recommend that you do not hesitate to book in advance.

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Access: Rue du commerce 65 – 1000 Brussels.