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Expert flight simulator gift voucher

Offer a trip of your choice... without leaving Brussels. Our simulator offers an unforgettable experience of breathtaking realism. The expert version is intended for people who have already flown in a simulator (or for pilots).

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    Pilot an A320 flight simulator in Brussels - Expert Flight

    Session on an immersive flight simulator.

    This flight simulation training session is conducted with qualified airline pilots on the Airbus a320. with qualified airline pilots on the Airbus a320. master the "adventure" sessions, you are ready for this flight you are ready for this advanced flight. You will have to deal with failures in scenarios requiring operational decisions. Depending on your expectations, this à la carte session can start "cold and dark", at the or ready to take off on the runway. The session can be complemented with completed by some mini scenarios, such as rejected take offs on a mythical field, field avoidance (gpws) or traffic avoidance (tcas). traffic (tcas).

    Our flight simulator is exceptionally realistic and is located at the the front of the famous Flylounge meeting room, which is itself a real a real A319 passenger cabin. If you are the flight simulator can be hired together with the passenger the flight simulator with the passenger cabin (see the "events" offers). Given the originality and the quality of the the originality and quality of the venue, we recommend that you do not hesitate to book in advance.

    Duration 1H55 (1h30 simu)


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